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i2 Global has strong credentials in the software development arena with over 22 years of experience in providing effective and reliable software solutions to a broad range of industries and businesses.

Whether it be a Green Field Software System, Vertical Market Software, System Integration & Middleware or Mobile Enablement, our team of experienced developers can fulfil your needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We cover areas such as SaaS, mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), desktop applications (Windows, macOS, Linux), packaged product development, web solution implementation and platform integration with off the Shelf Software Solutions supplied, deployed and supported i.e.


  • Microsoft Office 365: Supply, Develop, Integrate.
  • SharePoint development
  • Database Architecture

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Architecture and Design

The 3 Rs of System Development Resilience, Reliability and Robustness are at the core of all of our work.

Our vast experience in product design allows us to ask the right questions at the onset of product development, and to identify those factors that will have the greatest bearing on the total cost of bringing products to market.

The design stage is facilitated by activities involving Design Expertise, Domain Expertise, Technology Expertise and Methodological Expertise coupled with Needs Assessment, Industry / Market Knowledge Acquisition, Competitive Analysis / Benchmarking, Attribute Definition / Development, Business Case Analysis, and Market Planning.

Our experience building complex software solutions from the ground up are rich, using the latest technologies in diverse industries and domains. We understand the dynamics and challenges involved and can help you take your product smoothly from concept to production, saving precious budgetary and time resources.

Usability, ergonomics and interactive design

With this at the front & centre of our mind, our design technicians work with people by learning about their habits and goals, identifying needs and constraints, and aligning with existing behaviors to create solutions that are easy to use (efficient) and solve a real problem (effective).

Implementation Testing and QA

Quality and reliability are our watchwords in all the applications that we create. Software development is more than creating solutions that run needed functions. For businesses, a new software product is a way to change the operational status quo or make a leap in processes optimisation in order to ensure better business results. It requires writing high-quality code and delivering a reliable solution that operates seamlessly and doesn’t have flaws.

Our QA team’s mission is to help our developers deliver the product required within the estimated timeline, detecting any issues that might block the successful operation of the software or even affect the user experience.

Prior to release, all systems are stress and penetration tested to guarantee quality and security.

Technical and User Documentation

Technical documentation is designed to help a developer or a support person to understand how the product is designed and how it works internally.

User documentation is designed to help a normal user understand how to use a product; it does not go into how the product is designed and how it works internally.

All i2 Global systems are produced with accompanying Technical Documentation and User Documentation, coupled with ‘fly-out’ in-app help and interactive context help. Our systems are designed and delivered with the end-user in mind, alongside providing appropriate supporting material to enable the management of all solutions effectively.

With this model, you can see significant savings, extend the life of your apps, and reduce the time spent managing multiple vendors.

Maintenance and Support

Technology support services from i2 Global provide proactive, reactive, onsite and remote SLA Driven IT support for all our systems.

Our advanced technologies and global partnerships with leading software providers can help you simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple contracts to deliver OEM-quality application support through a single point of contact.

With this model, you can see significant savings, extend the life of your apps and reduce the time spent managing multiple vendors.

OS and Application Support

Our Technology Support Services are revolutionising IT support for the future with innovative advanced technologies, coupled with progressive strategies, we will help simplify your IT support management and dramatically expand and extend new value to your business.

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