i2 Global design, deploy and operate IT services on-premises & in the data centre

Are you getting the speed you need? The team at i2 Global can accelerate your business with a data cable network installation, a data cable upgrade, (Cat 5 is the slow lane, upgrade to Cat 6, 6A or 7), or a super-high bandwidth fibreoptic backbone cable installation, or a clever wireless solution.

Is your site or building too old or too solid for data cabling? A dispersed site campus with a number of scattered buildings? A complex warehouse or production facility? In situations like this, running data cabling often isn’t economical or even viable. But, you need high speed, reliable, secure communication facilities across your site. This is where a wireless network is the solution you need. Think WiFi, but with the power and integrity you need.

Our end-to-end managed services are designed to support and secure your architecture, protecting your IT investment in the most appropriate way for you. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and increased business mobility posing fresh IT challenges, we offer holistic services including support, maintenance, monitoring and reporting, and network management.

Our services provide total peace of mind that our ISO-accredited UK-based 24/7 operations centre is protecting you around the clock.

Empower your people to connect, communicate and collaborate safely and efficiently regardless of location or device. Seamlessly integrate voice, video, chat, and mobility with our unified communications platform, for a smooth, intuitive user experience.

This results in better staff productivity and increased flexibility, keeping your workforce engaged, whether they are at home, on the road or in the office.

Let your people do what they do best, wherever they are.

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Physical Infrastructure (Cabling)

Connecting your data users by cable gives you the fastest, most efficient and secure network for your business, but looking at the choice of cable configurations out there, how can you be sure you’re getting the ideal balance of speed versus cost? What will meet the needs of your business now and in the future?

i2 Global has been installing cable for over 22 years and has seen the exponential increase in data use by even the average user. 100Mbps (the Cat5 cable max) is now an inhibiting data transmission speed for many and even a Cat 6 1000Mbps (gigabit) speed is slow-lane for some. But Cat6a and Cat7 10-gigabit capability is the equivalent of shelling out for a Ferrari when you just want to pop round the corner to the shops?

To help you make the correct decision we will:
Conduct a no-obligation audit of your current situation, whether for a new cable installation or for an upgrade.
Recommend the optimum cable spec and configuration, taking into account the total distance to be wired up. If the total cable distance is more than 100 metres (which soon gets eaten up by all those corners!), then fibre-optic becomes part of the solution.
Install without you seeing us! There’s no avoiding it – installing cables above, under and around your building is a messy and disruptive process. So, our installation team, wherever possible, become an unseen force, operating at the dead of night or weekends. Monday morning, hey presto, new system up and running, how did that happen?
Leave you with the neatest set-up.  We take pride in all our cabling being neat, tidy and (literally) easy to follow.

Switch Infrastructure

Whatever the performance, scale or type of LAN switch infrastructure required, i2 Global, with our major vendor partnerships, are the perfect Partner for businesses that would rather focus their attention on other areas of their IT infrastructure.

We design, supply, configure and support all types of Ethernet switch – both layer-2 and layer-3 –core, distribution or access. With modern wide area networks and hybrid cloud architectures increasingly using Ethernet protocols, having a partner that understands where stackable and chassis-based LAN switches can be used might provide you with access to lower networking costs and higher performance than dedicated routing devices.

LAN switch features and this service are;

  • High-performance and resilient
  • Vital for inter-office communications and access to the outside world
  • Vital for security, monitoring, and even powering the company network
  • Provide support for VLANs, QoS, PoE, in-depth monitoring and security configurations
  • Fixed LAN and wireless LAN access can be catered for all operational activities

i2 Global is a specialist in LAN switching including stackable and chassis-based LAN switches. We can design, supply, configure and support LAN switches of all sizes and types.

Vendor Independent Wi-Fi Surveys, Provision and Deployment

There are different types of WiFi site surveys, but the general factors considered in each survey include your premises size, the required coverage, the number of devices accessing the network (capacity), your current infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.

  • Existing network issues fault-finding with your existing network

We’ll diagnose any issues of network traffic and network capabilities.

  • Application priorities

We’ll ensure that your vital services, software, and apps run without any issues, designing your network from the ground up with this in mind.

  • Suitability of current infrastructure

We’ll inspect and test your existing infrastructure to ensure it’s fit for purpose, and scalable for your business needs.

  • Required coverage

We’ll analyse your existing coverage, to ensure you can get connected wherever, and whenever you need to.

Physical & Virtual Server Provision

For the Data Centre

Get a high-performance bare metal server for high-intensity workloads, whether you’re running a single processor server or a cluster of quad processor, hex-core workhorses.

  • Customize and optimize

Configure your bare metal server to your specifications with customizable processors, RAM, hard drives, GPUs and more.

  • Seamless integration

Integrate bare metal servers with existing IBM virtual servers seamlessly today, or whenever your application complexity demands it.

  • Provision and deploy

Provision a server in as little as 20 to 30 minutes, or build it to your specification and be online in approximately 2 to 4 hours with automated deployment.

For on-Premises

Our major vendor partnerships guarantee that your on-premises server farm will perform optimally and reliably, for the right price.  Whether it be a physical host for Virtual Servers or a traditional physical Server stack.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Our end-to-end managed services are designed to support and secure your architecture, protecting your IT investment in the most appropriate way for your business.

With BYOD and increased business mobility posing fresh IT challenges, we offer holistic services including support, maintenance, monitoring and reporting, and network management.

Our services provide total peace of mind that our UK-based 24/7 operations centre is protecting you around the clock.

Provider Independent 2G, 3G, 4G Surveys

2G (GSM / GPRS), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) Mobile Phone Network Signal Surveys

We undertake unbiased signal reception surveys to assist the understanding of existing coverage and likely coverage in and around proposed developments, buildings, and outdoor locations.

An assessment of the likely impacts upon mobile phone coverage and mobile network operations from wind turbines, wind farms and other tall structures is also possible if required.  Such surveys can be used to support planning applications, discharge planning conditions or to enhance a building’s Wired Score Certification.

Our survey equipment undertakes measurements of all key performance indicators of a 2G, 3G or 4G network, not just the ‘signal strength’ of the received serving cell, which  provides only a limited performance indication.

Network Consultancy & Troubleshooting

Modern computer systems are a complex mix of different technologies, and when things go wrong it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to track down the cause.

To have any chance of resolving complex issues quickly and permanently, you need a thorough understanding of all the major disciplines – hardware, operating systems, applications and network infrastructure – as well as sophisticated diagnostic tools and, of course, the right experience.

We have over thirty years of experience in network support and troubleshooting, spanning all the major operating systems and applications, most hardware manufacturers, and every type of local and wide-area network imaginable.

Telephony Solutions

Communication is key to any successful business, so it’s crucial to make the right call when it comes to your office’s voice telecommunications.

i2 Global can support you with a range of voice solutions – providing everything from standard business telephone lines to next-generation SIP and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

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