I2 Global have been a partner with SCO since 2000, and despite the recent turbulence involving SCO as a global organization, we continue to provide first line support throughout the UNIX product range, including consultancy and strategy moving forward withy SCO UNIX. We retain strong internal SCO skillsets, and our link with SCO in its current form remains strong.



Now acquired by Citrix, Kaviza is quite simply the best VDI-in-a-box solution currently available. Ultra low cost model, works from commodity servers, no expensive SAN required, choice of Fat PC or Thin Client PC, I2 Global were the first UK company to sign a partnership deal with Kaviza.



Oninit is the leading Informix and UNIX consulting firm in the UK and the US. We provide training, development, support and database administration services to more than 150 companies in the UK, USA, Europe, the Middle East, and more recently Australasia and China.



Our partnership with ISC led us into Kelway via acquisition, and with Kelway we now have the strongest possible support links nationally.



Turnkey printing and scanning solutions fully and seamlessly integrated into our document scanning and archiving solution.



A leading global software development and systems integration provider, serving global 2000 particularly in consumer-driven healthcare domain and other larger enterprises throughout North America and the UK. We are harnessing a global delivery model, quality processes, and strategic partnerships to consistently deliver low risk, cost-effective, value-added software solutions and services to enhance and ensure the success of our customers. Delivery of enterprise-class solutions and services to our customers is our key strength.