ICT Suites

Here at i2 Global we understand the need to provide ICT resource to pupils of all ages in the most comfortable and convenient structure possible to improve the learning process.

We supply a wide range of Fileserver and Application server solutions to ease the delivery of the curriculum. For the desktop client we can supply workstations from the Small Footprint HP range, or budget Laptops for a more portable solution. In addition we can supply all-in-one or touchscreen units to maximise the space and comfort within the classroom environment.

We can help with room planning & layout, and infrastructure delivery for a high density workstation environment, whether it be wired or wireless. In addition we can provide desking solutions for ICT and Music Room environments where space and security may be of the absolute essence.

In addition we can provide a whole range of security measures from Sophos, including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Email Security, Application Control and a Web-safe Internet Browsing Appliance that is configured by i2 Global specifically for a safe browsing environment within the classroom situation.

We also supply all Microsoft software and Operating Systems covered by the Microsoft Schools Agreement Volume Licensing Programme.

We can provide Desktop Virtualization solutions and VDI in-a-box solutions tailored to each classroom environment so that each pupil is provided with the right virtual desktop at the right time for the right lesson, with the minimum intervention from ICT personnel.